Aircraft Leasing

Aquip Aviation can assist potential lessee in securing an aircraft for dry and wet lease that meets their specific mission needs and usage requirements, as well as other related support services.

We can assist our clients in the structuring of ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance) leases, dry leases, and purchase leaseback transactions. Whether you are a tour operator, investor, corporate or commercial airline, acting as a lessor or lessee for one or multiple aircraft, Aquip Aviation has the knowledge, experience and the industry contacts to identify the best solution for you.

Wet Leasing

Aquip Aviation provides Aircraft Crew Maintenance and Insurance (ACMI) Leasing Services. Under our ACMI Leasing Program, Aquip Aviation will provide, in essence, a turn-key aircraft ready for a client's use. We will assume complete responsible for providing the aircraft, the required crew, and absorbing any/all related maintenance costs required to keep the aircraft in peak operational condition. Moreover, we will pay for aircrafts insurance (hull). All other financial responsibilities such as fuel, passenger and/or cargo loading and offloading fees, over-flight permit costs, catering expenses, airport permit fees, crew accommodation charges, et cetera, will fall under the realm of our clients' responsibilities as Lessees.

Unlike other Lessors, our ACMI services include full operational support and assistance to facilitate efficient, cohesive, and successful operations.

Due to our asset-based company position, our ACMI lease rates are the most competitive in the global marketplace. We gladly work with our customers in order to ensure that we competitively meet their financial and operational needs, 100%, thereby ensuring the success of all involved parties.

Dry Lease

For those customers who do not require any support or crew services and simply are in need of a leased aircraft only, we offer Dry Lease Services.

Our Dry Lease Terms typically range from 1-3 years (minimum)

With Aquip Aviation Dry Lease Services, clients bear responsibility for all costs other than those associated with major checks and required aircraft service, such as: engine overhauls, landing gear overhauls, and/or D-Checks. All other costs (such as routine aircraft maintenance, including all minor checks such as A, B, and C Checks) and operating costs (in addition to required personnel costs, insurance, and any other measures to keep the aircraft in top condition) will be the responsibility of our clients. All aircraft within our fleet are kept in excellent working order to facilitate safety, reliability, and punctuality.

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